Free Online Applications

University of the Nations!


No cost for setup and implimentation!


No cost for online Acceptance System!

Custom Design Mulitple Forms

Create unlimited number of application forms.

Acceptance System

Accept your student and staff with your current process.

Online Reference Forms

Instant reference check with email forms. Get real-time email alerts.

Email Alerts

Receive real-time email alerts as they start application.

Family Data Integration

Collect and integrate parents and children relationship.

Communication Tools

Email and stay connected while accepting application.

Language and Skills Data

Understand your staff and students before they arrive.

Export Data

Have full control over your data.

How it works

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Contact us for free consultation

We understand not all mission locations have an "IT guy" on the team. Whatever your busy mission needs are, we can work with you and help grow your ministry with technology solution.

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Test drive before you commit

We can setup a live demo with a same look and feel to your existing website. If you do not have a website, we can help you there too!

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It will take 24 hours to launch your online application for your ministry growth

Because we serve all mission locations, we created a very flexible and intelligent data collecting solution. We can customize your need with speed and security.

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How do we accept applications? We have very little administrative staff on site.
We have an entire content management system (CMS) for your acceptance procedure. This serve will allow any member of your staff to access our service from anywhere around the world.
What is a CMS? How does it work?
CMS is a cloud solution for your ministry to perform all acceptance procedure without ever purchasing extra computers for your office. This system will alert you real-time via email whenever someone starts an application online. You will be able to respond with your phone or from your laptop. This online service will do 100% of your online application & acceptance procedure.
How can I check statistics?
Our acceptance system will allow you to see real-time status of your applicants at every stage. Our online system can be used by your acceptance team members from any parts of the world. Your school leaders and team leaders can view their enrollment as needed.
Do I need anything to start this service for our ministry?
No! Whether your ministry has 500 staff or 5 staff, our service will meet your need for accepting students and staff. Only thing you will need is access to the internet through your cell phone or your laptop.
Can I download my data?
Yes! We encourage you to download your database via excel file regularly. This is a good practice for both backup and other usage of your data!
Take your mission work to a new level!
Think big! Think smart! Think Innovation!

About us

Our Values

2.3B Christians
1.7B Muslims
1.1B Hindu
488M Buddhist
1.7B Unknown/Others

Business as Mission strategy is a service of Advanced Data, LLC. Our IT consultant Service was created as a need to make a greater impact into the nations. Our company has many partners from both the mission and business spheres who understands the importance of running an excellent business with mind of Christ to transform communities around us.

How much is the fee to the applicants?

We have experienced and witnessed the felt need from mission locations around the world in the areas of recruiting and mobilization. One of the greatest need today is to overcome high cost and the complexity of implementing an online solution for simple recruiting tool. We believe our service can meet this need.

How can it be free to the ministry?

Our business model was created because we understand cost is a big issue for new and growing ministries. We are offering our setup and implementation service as a FREE of charge service to any Christian mission organization. By believing together, both your ministry and our service will generate multiple growth.

How much is the fee to the applicants?

Our service is FREE!.

Is there a fee for the CMS acceptance system?

No, we do not charge for the online acceptance database system. We will keep this service free because we understand the importance of building your ministry!

7.3 Billion people in the world
6,500 Languages in the world
15,562 People Group in the world
6,846 Unreached People Group in the world

Our Vision!

Mark 16:15! is dedicated to serving global mission organizations to train and send missionaries to every corner of the world!

Technology led by the Spirit!

God is the authored of innovation. We are to pray and be used by the Holy Spirit to develop new and better methods to deliver His good news!

Unity in all spheres of society!

From mission to business, we are to partner with each other as we are all called by God for such a time as today.

Save time, save money,
focus on your ministry!